Gameshow 1.4 Beta - Video Delay has landed

Gameshow 1.4 Beta is available for download. We've added Video Delay to help in those sticky situations where audio delay alone just won't cut it. This feature is compatible with all live video input sources. Please also find a brand new Destiny template, as well as a copious amount of additional bug fixes. Happy New Year!

Release Notes:

  • Added Video Delay functionality to all live video sources! (Mac and Windows)
  • Added Game Template for “Destiny” (Mac and Windows)
  • Added Xbox Live and Playstation Network icons to the Social Media Widget. (Mac and Windows)
  • Added Control+Command+F shortcut key to enter Full Screen mode on Mac OS X. (You're welcome Brian!)
  • Added Scrolling Text functionality to all applicable Widgets. (Mac and Windows)
  • Added an option to automatically scroll text exceeding the constraints of the Text Widget. (Mac and Windows)
  • Added Clear History button to clear existing Twitch chat messages in the Chat Widget. (Mac and Windows)
  • Fixed an issue with AVerMedia Live Gamer HD not displaying with the correct aspect ratio. (Windows)
  • Improved Replay Hotkey binding UI to indicate when a shortcut is already used by Gameshow (Mac and Windows)
  • Added background color selection to the Donors and Image Carousel Widgets. (Mac and Windows)
  • Fixed a crash when binding Replay Hotkeys using the Break key. (Windows)
  • Fixed scaling issues with Widgets saved and loaded from Game Templates (Mac and Windows)
  • Fixed an issue where game process and window information were not saved correctly when exporting a Game Template. (Mac and Windows)
  • Fixed a hang which could occur when attempting opening the Widget Properties tab of the Shot Editor. (Windows)
  • Fixed an issue where certain game titles were not appearing in the Gameshow Wizard's auto-complete listing. (Mac and Windows)
  • Moved Device Aspect Ratio configuration from the Asset Manager to the Source Properties tab of the Shot Editor. (Mac and Windows)
  • Fixed an issue where the color picker could become stuck open. (Mac and Windows)
  • Improved line wrapping algorithm used in the Twitter display source. (Mac and Windows)
  • Added a warning message when a third-party Game Template fails to load. (Mac and Windows)

HOWTO use video delay functionality:

  1. Select a live video input source (i.e. web camera, capture card)
  2. Open the Shot Editor and select the fourth tab, device properties.
  3. Adjust the video delay for that source. (Max delay is 5 seconds).
    NOTE: Pay attention to the estimated memory usage indicator! Memory usage may increase substantially, depending on the number of simultaneously delayed video inputs.

Gameshow 1.4 Beta Installers
Mac OS X-

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  • YES!!! But I'm getting an error when trying to download:


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  • Brian A. Calderon 

    Sorry about that! Go ahead and try again, we fixed those links for you.

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  • Thanks! Though app resume or whatever it's called doesn't work: if I quit Gameshow while it's in Full Screen and then relaunch it—the expected outcome is for it to launch in Full Screen because the last document I had open was open in Full Screen when I quit the app. I hope Apple doesn't make features like this too difficult and everything must be done manually—but… one step at a time!

    And… everything still seems to be broken: from the audio frequency to window capture when switching shots. While I can use window capture with GS on a separate monitor in Full Screen—if I switch shots then the window is no longer captured. This being most notable for the LoL launcher which gets minimized and maximized after a game.

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  • Would it be possible to add a CPU-minimal feature to capture a window Syphon-style?

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  • Hello, I noticed that there is no option for 1920x1080 aspect ratio (16:9).  This is while selecting for the Elgato HD60 Pro card.

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  • That's the device aspect ratio dropdown. For Elgato it will be square pixels.

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  • To set the actual resolution of the ElGato card you need to set it in their control panel, as well as make sure the corresponding resolution is selected in the "Capture Device Size" drop-down in the same tab of the inspector that you screengrabbed.

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  • Did you guys do some back end work for osx, because cpu usage is down about 30 percent on OSX with the same settings ..  Not knocking it just was like cool.

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