Fatal application

When I start up gameshow it says fatal application exit. I can't even get into the application. I am very annoyed right now because I paid for it and now it doesn't even start up.

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  • Thank you for your post. A technician has received your case, and has replied. Please follow their instructions and we will work together to address your issue in a timely manner.

  • I am having the same issue...start program up but it says fatal error occurred please contact support assistant...what is this??? Its a paid program yet has bugs and issues?? I need to livestream today too as its a weekend.

  • I have this problem too.. uhmmm rather than sending the answer to Michael Sama, maybe leave a comment here for us to read.. cause that's way it's called forum? this is the 2nd post I've seen this problem

  • Mods are you going to respond?!?!?!?!?!? I paid for your software but its got a major bug for not opening up!!!

  • Zill said:
    what is this??? Its a paid program yet has bugs and issues??

     All programs have some bugs and issues that only show up in certain environments. If this was a widespread issue effecting even 5% of our users, there would be an incredible number of reports on the forums, not just two or three.

    I apologize that you have yet to receive a resolution to the issues you are experiencing. 

    Have you filed a case yet via the support assistant application that is included with the install? Unhandled Exceptions can be any number of issues, and we need the logs to properly diagnose.

    If you have filed a case, please post the case number you received back via email so that we can look up the logs and see if we can identify the issue, and also correlate those logs with your post.

  • Bryce Stejskal Many people have an issue with it not opening...check your update file as it has a bug inside it...before the update/bug it worked fine.

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