avermedia gl310

hi guys, i have a problem, when i try to use my AVermedia for capture my ps4, but when i add a new level ad i chose the avermerdia captore nothing happen, no it say that there isn't sources, but if a stream whit the AVermedia everythings is right, why?

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  • Hi,

    Did you remove HDCP protection from the PS4?

    Otherwise you won't have any video on your capture device.

  • Yes, i do. If i have another software, i can add a level whit gamecapture

  • are you trying to use your avermedia card with the avermedia software and gameshow?   If so that could be the issue if you are already using the device it cant be used by another application at the same time. 

  • Nop, i only use gameshow

  • well you can always try to manually pick the capture input of the avermedia, not sure if it does it auto or not...  If like you said it shows up in there software, your ps4...  Check to see if its 1080p or 720p...  then close it load gameshow and then add the avermedia card and pick that resoultion... if it doesnt work at say 720p60 try 720p59.94 or 1080p 59.94 if the 60s dont work, it would still be 60 fps but its more the standard way to read 60 fps not the pc way.

  • I tried but nothing happen. Gameshow don't recognizes the gamecapture

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