StreamLabs Causing Gameshow to Force Quit

Everytime I integrate StreamLabs directly from Gameshow, it force quits the app.

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  • Never mind. It just keeps quitting for no reason.

  • Tried using a previous version of Gameshow. Still quitting for no reason. Mainly, when I try to add web displays.


    Someone help me please.

  • Switched back to Gameshow 3.3 beta.

    Quits out every time I use Twitch widgets.........


  • Hey Donovan Lewis ,

    Can you reset your preferences, launch in a new document, and let me know if you continue to experience this?

    Would you please post a video, or a link to a video, of the issue you are experiencing? A quick video starting at the launch of Gameshow, including exactly how to replicate the issue, is very helpful for our team.

  • I'll try reseting preferences and see what happens. Though I don't know how. And I never changed any. Not sure how to attach videos, either.

  • Okay. Here's the proof:


  • I am interested in the logs from this crash as well. If you go into the Help tab after the crash and select Send Support Information, this will open our Support Assistant. Please run the report and save it. Now, I would like for you to send the report into the email I just messaged you.

    Were you able to reset the preferences? You can do so by going into the Help tab within Gameshow and selecting Send Support Information. This will launch our support assistant where you will be able to reset the preferences from the bottom left.

  • Okay, I'll try those things and let you know.

  • If you are on Mac, please roll back to 3.2. We found a bug in CEF/Flash PPAPI that only effects Mac, and it can not be fixed properly till 3.4 public at the earliest. potentially not until 3.5. 

    3.3 public should have a patch that disables flash on mac, which means no alert audio.

  • Sent the report. Pm'd you as well.

  • As Bryce said, if you are on Mac, please roll back to version 3.2 of Gameshow.

    You will then need to download the Flash NPAPI plugin, in order to get the audio working for the Web Display and Twitchalerts in 3.2 of Gameshow (twitchalerts in 3.2, updated to streamlabs in 3.3).


    Flash download page: 

    Once here, select your OS Version in step 1. 
    Select the NPAPI option in step 2. 
    Download and install. 

    You may need to reboot your system for this to take effect.

  • So, I downloaded the NPAPI thing and it works now 3.3 (AWESOME, THNX) but there's no sound.

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