Twitch VODs not saving when using Stream Delay

So as the title says, whenever I use Gameshow with a stream delay. Anywhere from 60-300 seconds, Twitch does not save my VODs even though I have the auto save enabled. When I use other applications like OBS and have a delay there is no problem with VODs being saved. 


Is there a reason for this issue to be happening?

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  • Please make sure you've updated to GameShow 4.5.
    Please confirm that the steam delay is actually the issue. Test a stream without using the delay. Only test with GameShow 4.5.

  • I will test with 4.5.0 which is the current version I'm using. When using no stream delay I have no issues with VODs. When I add delay 300+ seconds to the stream for esports events it does not record the VOD. 

  • Travis Lynn Current version is now 4.5.1 with a few more fixes so test with that.

  • CraigS Is 4.5.1 out for PC? I cannot seem to find a download past 

    Right now I'm having issues even launching Gameshow as I just get a Fatal Application Error. 

  • Travis Lynn 4.5.1 just addressed macOS issues. 

    Try reseting Gameshow Preferences. Gameshow > Help > Send Support Information but click the lower left Reset Preferences instead and then start Gameshow.

    If you can't start Gameshow to get to Help you can start the App that resets Preferences directly.

    On Windows 7 & 8: Go to Programs>Telestream>Wirecast>Support Assistant. Click to open
    On Windows 10: Click the Windows Icon and go to Telestream > Support Assistant. Click to open.

  • CraigS I've been able to get it to launch now. However I have to put in my activation key every time. 

  • Travis Lynn said:
    However I have to put in my activation key every time. 

     There's an issue where Gameshow keeps asking for the activation key. We're working on the fix. We've find that often you can click away from the "ask" and it'll work fine as it may not actually need to be activated again. We're working on the fix for that though. Sorry about that.

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