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I am trying to set up my USB mic to stream with, but whenever I have both the game audio and mic audio active in the shot layers, there is an echo. If I mute the mic, the game audio wont echo, and if I mute the game audio, the mic wont echo, but both together make an echo. It isn't just in the preview either, it goes to the live stream as well. any way to fix this? The mic is a Samson C03U usb mic.

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  • I would disable your monitors for both the game and your mic in the Audio Mixer, as you are already hearing your game audio through your system, and the you don't need to hear yourself on the mic.

  • I am having a similar issue. My live streams on YouTube has an echo issue with my voice only. My game audio does not have any echo but my voice has a minor echo in it. 

  • This is a short clip of the echo I'm experiencing and an image of what i had set up when making this little test clip. I have turned off the monitors in the audio mixer on gameshow, there was another echo coming through my headphones which did stop when i turned off the monitors, but the stream remains unaffected by that.

  • Mike Goroff 

    I'm not hearing an echo so much as a delayed repeat from your mic and system audio. I would try changing your Audio Interface (currently set to the AMD HD) and see if it makes a difference.

  • Masen I tried every option in the list of audio interfaces and they all had the same issue. I also tried just the game with no mic and it also still repeats like that.

  • Mike Goroff 

    Have you tried the Gameshow 4 beta?

  • Masen i have now. didnt help

  • Sounds like you have your stream open to be watched in Chrome.... which you are capturing via system audio capture to capture your game. So, any noises will be streamed. since you are picking up your stream, it will repeat indefinitely.

    Can you confirm you are not doing this? Also, never watch the stream on the same device. It uses a fair amount of resources to decode a video, so you make your stream potentially worse by doing so, unless you have a high end machine.

    You can verify the impact by watching the cpu usage stat as soon as the stream player page loads.

  • Bryce Stejskal I think you're right. just tested without any programs open other than the game and gameshow and there is no repetition. thanks.

  • I am having the same problem and cannot figure out what is causing it for me. I do not have a stream open on my computer. I just have Hearthstone open, and Tidal to play music from. I am not monitoring through Gameshow, and it is not a feedback loop caused by my microphone.  App CPU is sitting around 35%. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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