When I don' stream I get 200 fps on my game but as soon as I start gameshow my game drops to 40 - 60 fps and my game performance is heavily effected is there any way I can make it so I get more fps in my game?



Processor: Intel core i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60ghz

Video card: NAVIDIA Geforce GTX 960M

And 8gb of ram


Please Help! Thanks so much in advance!

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  • Are you using NVENC for your encoder? What is your CPU% during broadcast? What other apps do you have open?

  • Hi,

    I am using x264 for my encoder and my CPU is around 70% while streaming and gameshow is taking up 42% and the only other app I have open is discord sometimes 

  • Brayden Coyer 
    What are your x264 settings?

  • Amador Custer what do you mean?

  • Brayden Coyer 

    Are you using one of our default x264 encoder presets or did you make your own custom encoder preset?

  • Amador Custer I'm pretty sure it's default 

  • Brayden Coyer 

    And at what resolution?

  • Amador Custer 1920x1080

  • Brayden Coyer 

    If you lower the resolution do you still see the same issue? Also if you try NVENC?

  • Amador Custer if I try nvenc I get an error, NVIDA NvEnc accelerated compressor intitialization failed. This feature requires supporting NVIDIA hardware and for the compressor not to be in use by another application. And I still receive the same issue if I lower the resolution.

  • Brayden Coyer 

    Do you have Shadowplay or any other recording software open?

  • Amador Custer I do have shadow play open is there some way to disable that?

  • Brayden Coyer 

    Open GeForce experience uncheck 'Share' in the settings tab (wheel cog)

  • Amador Custer I don't see the share button but I turned off the in game overlay

  • Brayden Coyer 
    Yes, sorry that's what I meant 🙂 Does NVENC work for you now?

  • Amador Custer no

  • I have this same issue on my brand new iMac (18,3). I know it's Gameshow because System CPU is ~40%-49%—so less than half. I have a video showing what happens with Leauge of Legends where Gameshow doesn't want to quit, but when it finally does—League goes back to super high frame rate.


    I've submitted a support request on the site as I don't seem to ever hear back from the in-Gameshow support request option. I'm also taking my computer to the store Monday.


    Video: https://goo.gl/photos/8zqUiQKGfN8eWs1D9

  • Brayden Coyer 

    Please update your Nvidia drivers and double check that no apps are accessing your hardware encoder

  • Amador Custer my drives are updated so check and ok

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