GameShow CPU CPU % stays increased after local recording

On Windows 10 and GS 3.4 after doing a local recording CPU stayed increased stopping recording.  Live streaming CPU remained the same until I rebooted the computer.  Closing and starting Gameshow did not reset.

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  • Hey GameSpeaker ,

    So to get this correct, you were streaming and recording, and when you stopped the recording, the CPU did not drop?

    Could you possibly post a video of the issue, and steps to reproduce it.

  • I think I may have found a bug for you guys to investigate.  I noticed if you you are changing the recording encoder quality to slower (or some other value other then the stream output) it changes it also for the output stream settings.  They are not separate even if I told not to use the same encoder settings.  

    This is why my CPU was higher.  

  • Attached is the video showing what I am trying to describe.  I think the issue is really not a but but more of a gotcha in choosing templates.  Looks like I was choosing the template for both streaming and recording.  I thought the saved encoding template save settings for both streaming and recording.   What is happening is the streaming is using my recorded template.


    Hope this makes sense.

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