Gameshow 1.1 Beta 1

Hi all!


Here is our GS 1 beta.  Please let us know your thoughts and reactions.  The Release Notes are attached here as well for your reference.


Tom, product manager

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  •  For ease of use, we'll also post the release notes here:                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

    Gameshow 1.1 Beta Release Notes

    System Requirements

    Supported Operating Systems
    Windows 7 SP1 64 bit, Windows 8.1 64 bit, Windows 10 64 bit
    Mac OS X Yosemite, Mac OS X El Capitan

    Internet connectivity

    • Requires Internet connectivity with HTTP/HTTPS port 80 and RTMP port 1935 open for streaming.
    • For lowest quality (240p) streaming an upload rate of at least 650Kbps is required.
    • 720p streaming requires an upload rate of at least 2500 Kbps.
    • 1080p streaming requires an upload rate of at least 4500 Kbps.

    Note: Consider lowering your canvas frame rate and/or streaming resolution to lower CPU usage.

    It is recommended that an upload rate of at least double the desired rate be available. Please consider that external game play may also require a portion of your Internet upload bandwidth.

    For Replay functionality, SSD drive for Replay storage recommended.

    Minimum Recommended Hardware Specifications

    • Intel 'Sandy Bridge' Core i5 CPU @ 2.5Ghz or higher recommended for 720p streaming @ 30fps.
    • Intel 'Sandy Bridge' Core i7 CPU @ 3.0Ghz or higher recommended for 1080p streaming @ 30fps. Note: 60 FPS streaming will result in increased CPU usage and a high bit rate (4Mbps or higher) for good quality.
    • At least Intel HD, NVIDIA GeForce, or AMD Radeon class graphics adapter that are both DirectX 9 and DirectX 10 capable required.
    • Minimum 4GB RAM, 2GB free hard disk space. Additional hard disk space required for recording to disk. Note: Using the web-based Widgets may increase memory usage significantly.

    Hardware accelerated encoding requirements

    • Apple Hardware Accelerated H264 encoding requires a Mac with an integrated Intel GPU.

    Gameshow 1.0.1(Windows Only)

    • Added support for Elgato Game Capture HD, Game Capture HD 60, and Game Capture HD Pro.  Note, you must install a 64-bit version of Elgato’s Game Capture software and driver.  A Beta version is available here:  (WARNING, we have experienced problems getting the Elgato beta software installed on Windows 7, we recommend using Windows 8 or 10 for the time being.)  

    Gameshow 1.1 Beta

    • New!  Added transitions on Windows: Cut, Smooth, Bowstring, Swoop, Slide Away, Cube, Swing Door, Long Slide, Slide Left.
    • New!  Added transitions on Max OS X: Cut, Smooth, Bowstring, Swoop, Slide Away, Cube, Swing Door, Long Slide, Slide Left, Blur Fade, Squash, Accordion Fold, Bars Swipe, Copy Machine, Disintegrate With Mask, Dissolve, Flash, Mod, Page Curl, Page Curl With Shadow, Ripple, Swipe
    • New!  Added GIF support to the native media support.  (Mac OS X, Windows)
    • New!  Added scrolling and Fly-in/Fly-out transitions to the Donators, Followers, Subscription and Social Media Widgets.  (Mac OS X, Windows)
    • New!  Added text justification to the Donators, Followers, Subscription and Social Media Widgets.  (Mac OS X, Windows)
    • New!  Added Top Donors options to the Donors Widget.  Now have All-Time, This Month, This Week, Today, Yesterday options.  (Mac OS X, Windows)
    • New!  The Image Carousel Widget includes a file browser for selecting local image files. (Mac OS X, Windows)
    • New!  Added a background color option to the Followers, Subscribers, Social Media, and Donors.  (Mac OS X, Windows)
    • New!  You can now specify a capture device as a game source in the New Document Wizard.  (Mac OS X, Windows)
    • New!  Added a spinner to the startup screen that displays if there is a delay when starting up Gameshow.
    • New!  Improved hot key binding mechanism for controlling replay functionality in-game.  (Mac OS X, Windows)
    • New!  Gameshow no longer requires admin mode to run on Windows.  (Windows)
    • New!  Drag and Drop a file into the main shot area of Gameshow now creates a shot with the file as a source.  (Windows)
    • New!  Added a checkbox to the Social Media Widget that enables positioning the icons to the right of the text.  (Mac OS X, Windows)
    • New!  Many small enhancements made to the Templates made to take advantage of new Widget features.  (Mac OS X, Windows)
    • Fixed issues that some users were having capturing League of Legends. (Mac OS X)
    • There is no longer an option for hiding the main shot list.  (Mac OS X, Windows)
    • Screen capture sources no longer show green when no game feed is detected. (Mac OS X, Windows)
    • Non-mixable audio sources are not longer displayed in the list of audio sources.  (Mac OS X)
    • Fixed tabbing between controls in the Preview Inspector.  (Mac OS X)
    • Translations for Japanese, French and Spanish have been added to the Select Template screen in the New Document Wizard.  (Mac OS X, Windows)
    • Fixed issue where the Image Carousel allowed users to add empty slides.  (Mac OS X, Windows)
    • Added "Replace Media" at the top of the context menu in Preview to enhance usability.  (Mac OS X, Windows)
    • Fixed problem where the Preview context menu did not appear in the correct location. (Mac OS X, Windows)
    • Fixed issue where the uninstaller did not remove all files.  (Windows)
    • Fixed issue where the source selection highlight disappeared when the canvas size changed.  (Windows)
    • Fixed problems with multi-select in the Shot Layers panel.  (Mac OS X, Windows)
    • Added check mark next to Cut and Smooth transitions in the Switch menu to indicate which transition is selected.  (Mac OS X, Windows)
    • Now disable controls under New when selecting a Existing Widget in the New Widget dialog.  (Mac OS X, Windows)
    • Disabled drag and drop into CEF control.  (Mac OS X, Windows)
    • Fixed issue where top of live icon slider was cut off the Preferences dialog.  (Mac OS X, Windows)
    • Fixed delays when modifying shot properties in the Preview Panel.  (Mac OS X, Windows)
    • Now limit crop values to positive numbers. (Mac OS X, Windows)
    • Now Gameshow shortcut is removed from the desktop when uninstalling on Windows 10.  (Windows)
    • Fixed color display in the text properties section of the Preview Inspector.  (Windows)
    • Fixed issue where Game Name field didn’t reset to blank when changing template to Blank.  (Mac OS X, Windows)
    • Fixed issue where source input boxes/setting controls in the Preview Inspector would shift in size when clicking between the layers and properties tabs.  (Mac OS X)
    • Removed resize cursor from the New Widget dialog.  The dialog is not resizable.  (Windows)
    • Improved performance of shot layer property value sliders.  (Windows)
    • Fixed deadlock that occurred when hitting enter in the New Widget dialog before it was fully instantiated that occurred only on Mac Pros.  (Mac OS X)
    • Now limits files displayed by the File Open dialog to only those with a .gmsh extension.  (Windows)
    • Fixed display of Twitter username in Twitter Setting dialog.  (Mac OS X, Windows)
    • Fixed inconsistent game hooking when moving between capture of game type and non-game type processes.
    • Now the new Widget dialog does not increment the source name if the user cancels out of it.  (Mac OS X, Windows)
    • Now the correct error message is displayed if a timeout occurs when starting Gameshow.  (Windows)
    • The 'Deactivate' and 'Subscribe' buttons in Licensing tab of the Preferences dialog are now greyed-out when no serial number is installed.  (Mac OS X)
    • Now changing a Widget’s start page in its description.xml does not break the Widget.  Previously, the start page was not located correctly.  (Mac OS X, Windows)
    • Fixed issue with changing canvas sizes in secondary documents.  Now change takes effect correctly.  (Mac OS X, Windows)
    • Fixed problem hooking Diablo 3 while it’s splash logo was displayed.  (Windows)
    • Fixed line wrapping in Donors Widget with the numbered list enabled.  (Mac OS X, Windows)
    • Now grey-out line wrap checkbox in the Donors Widget when the layout is set to vertical. (Mac OS X, Windows)
    • Fixed problem where Chroma Key sliders were not updating their position while dragging. (Windows)
    • Fixed problem with the Chroma Key sliders flashing white when toggling Chroma key on and off.  (Windows)
    • Fixed issue where the Preferences windows showed “Standard Subscription when unlicensed.  (Mac OSX)
    • The Image Carousel Widget now ignores quotation marks in file path.  (Windows)
    • Improved error message displayed when trying to broadcast to a destination without existing authentication.  (Mac OS X, Windows)
    • Fixed scroll bar in Game Title dropdown in New Document Wizard.  (Windows)
    • Fixed resource leak which resulted in crashes while streaming to Twitch.  (Windows)
    • Removed resize cursor from the preferences window.  (Windows)
    • Fixed problem that resulted in a very small live window being displayed when changing canvas size.  (Windows)
    • Fixed issue where shot thumbnails were not getting updated promptly.  (Mac OS X, Windows)
    • Fixed issue where scaling objects in the Preview window resulted in jagged or pixilated images.  (Windows)
    • Disabled right-click menu on connection error window.  (Mac OS X, Windows)
    • Fixed problem where clicking in the Preview area disabled the ability to use specific "hot keys".  (Mac OS X)
    • Fixed issue where "Enter a different serial number" text was not linked to a page where the user could enter in a new serial number.  (Mac OS X, Windows)
    • Fixed possible hang on startup when Elgato drivers were installed.  (Windows)
    • Fixed unhandled sometimes occurred when creating a new document, especially with the FIFA template.  (Windows)
    • Fixed an issue that cause changes in a shot to go live unexpectedly when a source was added to the shoat and the shot was both in Live and Preview.  (Mac OS X, Windows)
    • Fixed an issue where Gameshow was treating unrecognized command line arguments as document paths.  (Windows)

    Known issues

    • An audio popping in the Preview audio monitor can occur if a capture source, such as Elgato, is in both Preview and Live at the same time.  This popping does not affect the live stream or recordings.  (Mac OS X, Windows)
    • If you experience black and grey vertical striping in your Twitch broadcast while using NVIDIA hardware encoding with NVIDIA driver version 355.60, 355.82 or 355.98, please roll back to NVIDIA driver version 353.62. Until NVIDIA announces a driver that has the fix present, NVENC users are advised to use 353.62.
    • If Gameshow is running when an iOS Screen Mirroring device is plugged into the computer for the first time, the device is not detected or listed as a source; Gameshow must be restarted after plugging in the device in order for the connection to be established.  This problem will not manifest after the first time the device and computer have been connected and trust has been established.  (Mac OS X)
    • Replay recording may drop frames on Windows if the canvas resolution is set higher than 1080p30.
    • The recoverable format adds 30MB of metadata to MOV and MP4 files, resulting in larger file sizes.  
    • Multiple Replay clips captured during the same replay session will not render correctly when played at the same time on different master layers or different shot layers.
    • When loading a document containing a screen capture on Mac, and if the application to be captured is minimized and Screen Capture is in Window mode, you will see a “No Game Feed Detected” detected message and have to reconfigure the capture.   To avoid this, maximize the application to be captured before loading the document.  (Mac OS X)
    • Some Intel integrated graphic cards lack driver support for D3D10. As a result Game capture mode of Screen Capture on Windows may display a green frame on machines using this card. A dedicated NVIDIA or AMD card is recommended for PC game capture.  (Windows)
    • The Game Overlay feature is currently only available for Direct3D 9 games.  (Windows)
    • Gameshow enables high performance game capture by passing captured frames from Direct3D, OpenGL directly to Gameshow on the GPU. This is not possible when Gameshow and the game are on different GPUs. As a result when running Direct3D9 or OpenGL Games that are using a different GPU than Gameshow, Gameshow requires moving data onto the CPU, which uses more CPU and results in slower performance.  When running Direct3D10, Direct3D11 games on a different GPU than Gameshow, capture will fail. To enable high performance and avoid failures on systems with multiple GPUs, go to the Advanced tab of the Gameshow Preferences dialog and set the video display adapter of Gameshow to use the same GPU as the game.  (Windows)
    • When a game is using Scalable Link Interface (SLI) with alternate frame rendering, it can cause jittery video and dropped frames in the game capture.  To remedy this either disable SLI or turn on SLI/multi adapter compatibility in the Gameshow screen capture settings.  The latter will result in a slower more CPU intensive capture path. (Windows)
    • Using Monitor capture option of Screen Capture on Windows 7 with Aero enabled can slow system performance and result is low frame rate desktop captures.  Disabling Aero will solve the issue.  (Windows)
    • If a game has cheat protection it may fail to capture properly with Game source mode. Please try running the game in Windowed mode or Borderless Windowed mode and select Monitor or Window capture mode in the Screen Capture source.
    • Gameshow may drop frames in the encoding on Mac OS X if a game is running at a high frame rate on a lower end GPU.
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  • Awesome to see the changes. Keep up the good work guys :D

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  • A lot of the changes are centered around the gamer widgets so please give those a try. We added scrolling text and justification settings! Also you can now easily select a capture card for console sources from the initial doc wizard, instead of being limited only to a screen capture source. Hopefully this will make life easier for folks capturing console games.

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  • I am disappoint.

    None of the Mac issues were fixed.

    • Can't enter fullscreen from standard Mac shortcut (Cmd + Ctrl + F)/(View menu was removed that contains keyboard shortcut for fullscreen)
    • Window capture still broken, it only shows "Dock" while in fullscreen, and does not capture fullscreen apps
    • Game capture does not work at all. In fullscreen and out of fullscreen. League of Legends does not capture. I shouldn't have to use window capture and run LoL in a window that doesn't fit my screen anyways. Game capture only displays "Dock."
    • Audio capture is also still broken and does not work while external speakers are connected; ex: bluetooth headphones


    Yes, I restarted my computer and am on the stable channel of OSX. I'm really hoping these issues can be fixed.

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  • If you are running LOL in full screen mode and then using Alt+Tab back out to Gameshow then that probably means that the game is minimizing. And if the game is minimized then "Game Capture" will not be able to see the application window. 

    A work around I found was to play the game in windowed mode then point the "Game Capture" to the target window. Once Gameshow sees the target window you can return it back to Full screen mode. 

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  • Because of this unselectable process business—I would think that means I have to do that every time I quit and launch Gameshow. This shouldn't be something users have to do. I really hope it gets fixed. I can see the process ID in Activity Monitor; why can't Gameshow?

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  • No dude. All you have to do is save the document once you have that target window selected "Game Capture". You can then re-open the saved document from the "Recent Documents" section of the start-up window which will have your game capture saved to it.

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  • As I said before: game capture doesn't work completely. All it selects is "Dock."

    Window capture, for the launcher, doesn't work when quitting and launching the application. It then shows "no feed detected." It simply doesn't recapture the process until I manually exit fullscreen, select the layer, edit the properties, refresh the list, select the launcher window, save it, and finally reenter fullscreen again.

    I can screen share it to you if you'd like to prove it.
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  • That workaround does not work actually so Brian is correct. It looks like this is a separate bug. Currently the only way we've found to capture League of Legends on Mac OS X with Gameshow is to do one of the following:

    1) Use Monitor capture mode (not ideal as it will capture everything on the screen when switching between applications)

    2) Run the game in Windowed mode and capture it with Window Capture mode.

    3) Switch the game to Windowed mode so that the process shows up in the list of Game capture sources. Once the game process is selected you can then switch the game back to Full Screen or Borderless modes.


    We are aware of this issue and know it is a major pain point for Mac gamers. We hope everyone will be patient while we research the ideal solution. Currently OBS uses Syphon for screen capture which gets around this issue. Gameshow uses the built-in OS X screen capture APIs for screen capture which have the limitations described in this and other threads. Whether or not we would be able to implement Syphon is still up for discussion internally.

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  • I've found a workaround that does work. It will find the League of Legends process and allow restoring the capture of that process when Gameshow is launched again.

    1) Select the League of Legends game template from the initial wizard.
    2) Perform any edits you wish to the template, as long as the original Screen Capture sources are kept in the document.
    3) Save that template as a Gameshow document.
    4) Exit Gameshow and load the saved document again.

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  • I was going to try that, though it seems like shots can't be copied even within the same document. So I'd have to reset all the animation shots up again.


    I'll have to try the window trick—but I hope that game capture can be fixed.

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  • Shots can be duplicated within the same document by right-clicking the shot and selecting Duplicate. You are correct that we currently do not have an ability to copy/cut and paste shots between documents though.

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  • I was able to use that for the animations, but I still can't figure out how to move shots left and right. It might be helpful to have copy and paste for shots since it could allow for both copying between documents and to move the shot to another position between other shots by cutting. What about click and drag for rearranging shots though; is that something that would be on the roadmap?

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  • Brian A. Calderon grab the shot by the bottom where the name is (Game, Game + Camera, Layout 1, etc) and you can drag it before or after another shot. You'll see a green + while you drag it and a thin yellow line to show where you're dropping it. You can drag and drop on the same Master Layer or to another Master Layer.

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  • Right, shots cannot be dragged by their thumbnail icon only with the text label part. This is because Wirecast customers typically complained that it was too easy to accidentally mis-click and drag shots around because the hit region was so large.

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  • YES!!! Thank you guys!!! I totally understand.

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  • I just tried game capture. It looks like it is no different than monitor capture and shows other apps/ all of my desktop. Is it supposed to do that?


    I'm really still hoping for a way to edit screen capture placeholders; be it transparent or a custom image in place.

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  • Great update, any word on being able to pull text from a file or integrated music scrobbling?

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  • It should be in the release build of this version but did not make it in this beta.

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  • Here is how the capture methods work in Gameshow:

    Window capture - can capture the window surface directly from the window and will not capture windows which are layered over the target app. Can be slower than Game capture mode but avoids the issue of capturing windows obscuring the game.

    Monitor capture - captures everything on the target monitor

    Game capture - captures the target window with the fastest possible screen reading API but has the downside that windows obscuring the target window will also be captured.

    In practice you should experiment with which method works the best for your application and workflow. Unfortunately we do not yet have a game hook capture method on Mac like we have on Windows. One possibility would be to implement Syphon or something similar in Gameshow but we don't have a plan for that just yet.

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  • I should add that Game Capture mode only will capture windows obscuring the target on Mac. On Windows it can read directly from the Direct3D/OpenGL surface the games renders into, and will work correctly regardless of game mode or visibility. On Mac there is currently no way to hook the OpenGL the surface renders into because of Apple restrictions.

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  • Gotcha. I only was wondering because as I've said I have everything in full screen. So I don't get why game capture is capturing the desktop and other fullscreen apps. Which is why it appears like monitor capture to me.

    The only things I have on the desktop are the launcher and I guess the in game "window." The launcher doesn't go fullscreen and the game in fullscreen doesn't show a window I can move. So I'm not sure why it would keep capturing the desktop and background since that's not obscuring it and nor are fullscreen apps.

    Would there ever be a way to use window capture for LoL's weird fullscreen mode? Or why not just use that syphon thing?
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  • Brian, Please post a picture of what you are seeing.


    Syphon only works for the few applications that explicitly support it. If you are talking about SyphonInject it's  using undocumented APIs and all kinds of hacks to hook arbitrary applications, and therefore apple may break it at any time, or it may adversely affect your game.


    How does it work?

    I'll leave the details of mach_inject/override and ObjC metthod Swizzling to your own research. There lies dragons etc. Once the SyphonInject bundle is injected into the target process it takes over all calls to CGLRefreshDrawable and -[NSOpenGLContext flushBuffer]. When those are called it copies the OpenGL front buffer to a syphon server and publishes the frame. The Injector prefers to use NSOpenGLContext, as there's some stuff related to fullscreen applications that don't work as well from CGLRefreshDrawable (related to the size of the window).

    What'll break?

    Hopefully nothing. That said, you're injecting random code into some process. Things could blow up, the NSA could show up. Who knows.

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  • Seeing where?

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    1. "remember video position" unchecked doesn't work any more.
    2. Deleting 1.1 and installing 1.0 to go back now says 'Gameshow is "damaged" and can't be opened.'
    3. Looked for files in Application Support and found nothing. Not sure where the files were put on the system that are breaking the previous version, and there's no documentation to help.
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