cpu usage

i am using an i7 4790 and regularly see the gameshow program use 40% - 50% of the cpu. is this normal?


windows 10

gtx 970

16 gb ram

upload speed 12 mbp

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  • The windows task manager is inaccurate to say the least... but that is a fair bit high in my opinion.

    It really depends how much you have going on as sources. There are often multiple ways to accomplish the same thing with different levels of efficiency. An example of this is chroma keying a webdisplay. Not very efficient, so we put in a CSS override to make the background transparent.

    In order to determine whats going on with your system, can you give me a bit more information about what sources are in your document? A lot of Web Displays? Multiple Cameras?


    Also if you can confirm that you are not watching the stream on the same machine your gaming and encoding from? That will tear up your CPU.

  • Thank you for answering me.

    The tasks you can see in the image are the only ones i have running apart from background windows stuff. 

    The sources in my document are as follows

    there doesn't seem an awful lot there to me.


    I don't watch my stream until i have finished streaming, i just do a quick test recording before i start to make sure my levels are ok.


    As you can see from the earlier task manager shot,Gameshow is using over 50% of my cpu and i have seen it go higher than the included picture shows, up to nearly 60%.


    As you can imagine it doesn't leave much cpu for anything else

  • It really shouldn't be using that much CPU. Do you have live icons turned on by any chance?

    And are you partnered?

    Can you go to the asset manager in Gameshow and make sure there are not any unused assets ties to your document?

  • i don't know what 'live icons' are ,lol, so i'm guessing no they are not turned on and i am not partnered.


    it's getting late here in the uk so tomorrow i will run some streams with lowered settings, (maybe 2500kbps) and turned down some in-game settings, although i am only running a gtx970 so nothing is crazy high), and see if i can find a sweet spot. maybe try some different games as well and i will come back here after to share the results.


    i was hoping to record the stream with gameshow as well but now i daren't run 'stream' and 'record' together in case my pc melts lol.

  • You can record via NVENC presets at high bitrates without noticeable impact on your CPU usage. So I wouldn't discount the ability to both. If you were partnered I was going to say you could use NVENC to stream with as well.


    If you didn't turn live icons on, then they are off, as they are off by default. It allows the Shot/scene thumbnails to refresh at your chosen interval however it uses more cpu and is only recommended on very powerful systems or dual pc setups.


    I look forward to your follow up!

  • I would argue heavily against these replies.  The codebase needs optimization.  I have a Macbook Air Core i5 and when doing video conferencing in BlueJeans, GoToMeeting, even Skype, at 1080P 30FPS The CPU is hardly touched and there are ZERO issues with LAG.  Run Gameshow and streaming at 720p uses 100% CPU.  As I've said in my other posts.  Love the software, but needs work.  


    Are there plans to optimize the code and improve performance?  An ACTIVE subscription to use the app implies ongoing support and constant updates from the developer.  Is there a place we can go to view the upcoming patch changes and planned performance improvements?  It's obvious across the forums that the app uses HEAVY CPU loads.  


    I would suggest adding this issue into your next couple of sprints and get the problem addressed.  It's issues like these that are going to continue to force people to use free apps like OBS and not see the value in paid services.  Why pay money for a worse experience than the free app provides?

  • When i stream like BF4 or BO3 , i got to turn the fps down to 42 .it drastically lowers the cpu usage . Will also make your stream look better than trying to maintain that holy 60fps.

    Its stated all over the forum , thats some things is for high end pc or for streaming with a dedicated stream pc.

    I got about same cpu usage on xsplit/obs and ffsplit, ye gameshow is a bit more demanding but really shows in the end result.

  • Crazy Dago 

    Thanks again for the valuable feedback. 

    We are actively addressing our users concerns as fast as we can, and have a new release ready every three weeks if you choose to run the betas, every six weeks if you choose to run the release builds. We are providing support as well and user can call and talk to a real person after filing a support ticket. We do remote login sessions as well if the users are willing!

    You make very valid points, albeit with some arguable comparisons. An apples to apples comparison would be OBS/Xsplit usage vs Gameshow.

    If your test with Gameshow was using that much CPU, you were undoubtedly using x264. BlueJeans, GoToMeeting, and the likes would be using Quicksync(Apple H.264 on your Mac), a hardware encoder that barely touches the CPU. We support hardware encoders too in Gameshow! Due to the bit-rate restrictions in place by twitch however, hardware encoders are not usually practical when streaming to them, so users use x264 which is much more demanding.


    Another thing to note is that the Macbook Air i5 you were testing on is below the minimum spec for Gameshow, as well as Xsplit and OBS, as it is only a dual core i5. CPU encoding takes a lot of power! Minimum for 720p is a second generation or higher Quad Core i5.


    However, you are right, there have been posts saying they do not see as much resource usage in those other software options. We have noticed that users with seemingly identical machines see drastically different CPU usage in the same scenarios. We are actively researching why this is happening, and ways to be more efficient!


    Please keep the feedback coming!

  • I just want to echo the above sentiments.  Without going into details, I have definitely seen GS be quite the resource hog, even when it's about the only thing running

  • I have an open ticket with support regarding my experience with GameShow's resource-hogging nature. Suffice it to say, I'm in the same boat.

  • We are actively investigating this issue, as there is no reason CPU usage should be anywhere near that high unless encoding is set to use more taxing settings like medium instead of very fast.

  • It would be interesting to see users who are experiencing this CPU issue try Streaming/Recording with only the game and no other sources.

    Here is my Setup and test:


    8GB RAM

    GTX 960 4GB VRAM

    Mechanical 1TB

    Latest Beta 2.3 of Gameshow

    Game running at 1080p

    Gameshow Canvas 720p

    Streaming at 720p60 x264

    Game - Paragon

    here are my results:

    System CPU is around 50%-80%

    I do see dropped frames

    Gameshow CPU usage is around 20% - 30%

  • Alex C Everyone has a better CPU than me and they're having issues of 80%-100%. Wow, I though I had to do a long term goal getting a better CPU, well I still do, but at least I know for sure it's not my hardware is the issue here. But GameShow needs an update patch for this CPU usage and add mixer(dot)com as a streaming option. Oh yeah my Desktop specs, right, I almost forgot to share my basic specs info: 

    Processor: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-1620 0 @ 3.60GHz

    Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960

    RAM: 32 GB

    Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10, 64-bit

    EDIT: By the way, I get between 92%-96% CPU Usage as it jumps to 100% and down to 92% and repeats jumping and lower endlessly as my PC is just idling the whole time GameShow is running as well my internet usage is being used to the max out to its 80 Mbps. I use bit meter to monitor my internet, wellll...bit meter is more of a quick look than actually looking into it. But you do see live internet activity. So I wonder why my internet usage spikes up to max or almost max before I even start streaming? Also, when I turn off GameShow my internet goes down the miniume as possible and my CPU is at 5%-15% back and forth and without GameShow playing Skyrim, Killing Floor 2, ect ect below 50% CPU.

  • CPU in screenshot does not match what you are saying regarding Xeon E5.

  • Bryce Stejskal  

    Yeah, I even look through Task manager and end task to allot of backgrounds programs while GameShow was on as it didn't even help. I really love this software and I really want to stream, especially stream on mixer(dot)com with it. I don't know why its even happening.

  • Hey guys i know its 1 year this posted but not really answerd. especially for myself.


    Maybe uve to know that. Gameshow uses high CPU usage for videos. For Gamevideos most of all. 

    1. Play the game in window mode(frameless best option)

    2. In Gameshow add new recording option(window) and take the Window of your game.


    My fault was i take the option gamerecording. After that my CPU Usage goes up to heaven. Now all is fine and i can play and stream all the games without these probs.

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