Elgato HD60S sound issue

I have been having an issue where I have fully set up my Gameshow stream to the exact way I had it on the Elgato Capture software, but when I try to stream, none of the PS4 audio comes through (chat or regular audio). Someone please help, I haven't changed any settings, just literally signed onto YouTube and set up my overlays. When I switch back to the Elgato Capture software, I can hear everything just fine, but when I shut that down and open up Gameshow again, I can't hear the PS4.

The only way I was able to was when I switched the PS4 audio output to my TV, but then I was left not being able to hear anything through my headset. Hopfully there's a way to fix this, i love everything about this software so far, so please someone help.

P.S. I am using Windows 10 and I updated every driver already (for my laptop, and the elgato hd60 s) to see if that was the issue. Also, I am using their ChatLink cable as well.

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  • Make sure you close all elgato software even their sound capture tool.  Then re open Gameshow 

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  • I did, I even restarted my laptop and only opened Gameshow, but still same issue, plus I don't have their sound capture tool installed anymore, I opted out of it.

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  • I'm having the same issue and just posted in the troubleshooting before seeing your post.

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  • Did you try updating your drivers? They published fixes for audio issues a few releases ago.

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  • Bryce Stejskal for me I have the most recent software. I just purchased my elgato last month and downloaded the most recent software. 

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  • Is the Audio supposed to be coming in over HDMI or are you sending all audio via a chatlink cable?

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