Gameshow or Wirecast 7 ?

Hello, I am trying to setup something and perhaps someone can tell me what is the best route to go.

I have Telecast Wirestream 7.1, and haven't purchased GameShow yet and that hinges on what im trying to do.  My current setup has my Windows Game Rig, 2x980GTX SLI, i7 4.5Ghz, 32 G Ram, Win10, 2560x1440.. I have wirecast on a MacPro, 24 Core, 32 Gig 1440P, Radeon R9, and an Imac 27".. 

I would like to stream my game to either Wirecast or Gameshow, then broadcast it out to twitch or youtube, but there are some logistical issues..

1) Resolution.. I would think 720p or 1080p is fine on a downsample, but can Gameshow broadcast or capture a game from another machine?  WIrecast can via the desktop presenter but im not sure if thats the way to go...

2) I dont want to dumb down my ingame res due to the broadcast stream, so would i be better off capturing it with an external camera?

3) What about audio?  Do i need a mixer?

I know my gaming rig is capable of doing this on 1 machine, but i have and want to use these other machines becase a) no gamer wants to lose a SINGLE FPS Ever.. (if you say you dont mind, your lying out your a$$).. 2) i want to integrate this into a wirecast show im putting together.


Im open for all thoughts and suggestions.


Thanks much.

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  • 1. For capturing a game from another machine, you'd need a capture card. It would essentially be like setting it up for console, but using your PC as the source.

    2. I'm guessing you're running a higher than 1920x1080 resolution? I know the elgato cards can't take higher than the 1080p res for capture or pass-through (and don't play well with Macs for software like Gameshow), which is a bit unfortunate. BlackMagic has an internal 4K card (, but I don't know the specifics of how well it works.

    3.  Once again, a capture card can use the audio via HDMI, but you would have to send the game sound and/or voice chat via HDMI from your windows gaming rig. I'd recommend using VoiceMeeter Banana (a virtual mixer). It allows for multiple inputs (physical and virtual) and multiple outputs, so if you use 3.5mm headphones, you can still send it out to both the headphones AND HDMI for game capture. (There's also a VBAN feature, which lets you send individual audio channels between VoiceMeeter setups). 

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  • Bryce Stejskal

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    1. You will need a capture card. If you want to maintain 1440 resolution in your capture, it will need to be a 4k capable card. My preferred card (price vs capability) thus far is the BlackMagic Intensity Pro 4  for $195. If you want the frame rate in your 1440p capture to be higher than 30FPS, you will need a more expensive card. Of the relatively few cards that support resolutions higher than 1080p, most are not capable of capturing those higher resolutions and a frame rate higher than 30. For simplicity sake, I would suggest that you run an additional video cable from the gaming machines video card to the capture card, with it set to duplicate in windows display settings.  
    2. If you really do not want to drop resolution or frame rate, you are going to need a really nice capture card. Most 4K capable cards do not capture at 60 frames per second above 1080p. So to get a 4K 60FPS that can capture 1440P 60FPS, it is going to cost a fair amount. If this cost is too high, you will have to settle for 30FPS at 1440P or drop to 1080P to get 60FPS. Magewell has a few 4k 60FPS cards, as does YUAN. BlackMagic has one, but it is about $1500. 
    3. I will Echo what Randall Wong said, Voicemeeter Banana is a great tool, and free. We use it for our live shows here in our web studio.


    Feel free to ask any more questions!

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  • Thank you Both for the suggestions.

    First off, I don't want to drop my resolution while I'm playing, but if it can be downsampled for the stream that would be fine.  I know you don't want to stream at 1440p (Yes I play most games at 2540x1440, some at 19x12), I have more then enough bandwidth at home (300/300), but even with that, I would do a 720p stream is more then sufficient for twitch or youtube gaming from what I see.

    I have heard these capture cards have warping issues when capturing such high frame rates, is this true with the blackmagic cards?  I have seen the one you mentioned before, but never played with it.

    Also, is it better to use wirecast or gameshow?

    This entire thing is way more complex then it should be only because I want to be able to take a game stream and put it in the show I am working on in wirecast, with the sets and such.  I think.. I dunno.. I wimble back and fourth on ideas and everyone is a pain the ass to implement.

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    • The crux of the issue is that you are wanting 1440p capture of a FPS game, which typically means you are looking for a capture frame rate of 60fps or higher.
    • Hardware that supports that capture combo is relatively new, and therefore, expensive. You should not have any issues with this however.
    • I have never noticed, or heard of anything regarding warping and frame rates. I have captured 60FPS without issues, more times than I can count. High resolution capture on the other hand, does add a bit more strain to your system though, so expect a rise in cpu usage over 1920. 


    WC vs Gameshow: That really depends on what you are trying to do. Wirecast has a bunch of features that Gameshow does not. Gameshow has a few gaming creature comforts, and less features. If you are proficient in streaming technology, and already own Wirecast, I would likely just use Wirecast. 

    The capture issue is the same no matter what software you use though. 1440p60 capture requires expensive hardware at this time. Other than that, should be relatively simple and straightforward to accomplish what you are after.

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  • I would stick with Wirecast,  for what you are trying to do Gameshow wont cut it.  (love you guys),  I own both wirecast 7 and gameshow .  (abet mostly gameshow for testing.) , for capturing 1440p 60 frame you are looking at blackmagic cards tbh,  Ultrastudio 4k and 4k extreme would work, or intensity pro (which may be limited to 1080p on the intensity. ) .  Price wise depending what you want to do with it your starting at 1000 bucks and goes to about 4-6 thousand . If your system is having issues with downsampling from 1440p your going to be spending about another 1300 bucks on a Teranex .

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