Web Display Audio Issues

I am using Gameshow v3.3.0  and I am calling in a media stream using a web display module

The problem I have is that when the source is selected for the first time, it loads the stream and plays the audio but as soon as I click to a different source, the audio keeps playing. 

Following on, when the source is sent live, the audio does not play through obs to the stream just to my system.

So in summary, my problem is made up of two parts;

1) Web display audio displays regardless of selection and/or mute

2) The web display audio does not play to the stream, just to my system

I do not understand what to do to fix this and would like some suggestions on how to.


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  • #1) You must use the shutdown option in the webdisplay source if you wish for it to shutdown when not active. This is the same in OBS as well. You can find this in the last tab of the editor when a web display source is selected.

    #2) You need to have system audio capture present in the shot(or any active shot) for the audio to be picked up.

  • Bryce Stejskal I'd prefer not to have system audio selected so i can only hear that source. Is there any way for me to route the audio elsewhere and back in again?

  • Easily? No, and OBS does not support that either.

    If you wanted to get creative, you can use Chevolume to reroute the audio of CEFChildProcess.exe to a virtual audio cable of your choosing, then add that virtual audio cable as a source in the shots that contain the web display....I use Voicemeeter Banana for my virtual audio stuff. It works well. A drawback for this is that ALL web display audio would now be routed through that virtual audio cable, so it would need to be present in any shot that uses any web displays.

  • Bryce Stejskal that's brilliant thank you. I'll have a go at that and see if it works for me

  • Bryce Stejskal that's brilliant thank you. I'll have a go at that and see if it works for me

  • Bryce Stejskal  So with web display audio the audio is captured and controllable with system audio?

  • That would be correct, yes. It is how CEF works in general. There are ways around it, but it would take substantial engineering time to do so.

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