Gameshow 3.8 Beta - Multi....a lot of things!

Hello everyone. We have another beta release for you with a few new big features. We have added multi-channel audio ingestion, and multi-track audio export. We have also added a multi-viewer!

Multi-Channel Audio Ingestion: Now you can use high end audio devices such as the TASCAM US20x20, RME Babyface, and many more. If they support WASAPI on Windows, or Core Audio on macOS, it should work! This will allow you to take complete advantage of our software mixer and effects, while using a single interface for all of your audio needs to keep everything in sync. Check it out in the audio tab, the UI has been updated a bit.

Multi-Track audio export in videoIn the audio tab, you can now hit a "Map" button. This button will let you choose which channels are sent to which audio tracks. Group your audio the way you want for . This is great for those that upload VODs to youtube, but do not want the music from the stream getting their VOD taken down when they upload.(Will not fix auto VODs generated from the stream on the CDN side). Just go to your output settings and choose which track is in your stream, and which tracks are in your recording!

Multi-Viewer: Now you can use an external display as a multi-viewer! Send your Preview canvas, Live canvas, or any shot to the multi-viewer. You can choose from a few configurations such as single(this will replace External Display Output going forward), up to 2x2 with spaces for four shots. Pretty neat!




Release Notes



  • New! Capture up to 16 channels of audio from CoreAudio (macOS), WASAPI (Windows), BlackMagic Design capture cards and NewTek NDI sources.
  • New! Map and record audio channels on up to 8 tracks of audio!
  • New! External monitor output completely redesigned with new Multiviewer capabilities! Map individual shots and Preview/Live on up to 4 slots on external monitors.
  • Fixed NDI source discovery issues
  • Fixed Streamlabs Widget not working properly
  • Fixed Keyboard Shortcuts not working properly
  • Fixed an issue on macOS where certain Flash content was not displaying properly in Web Display
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when connecting or disconnecting a DirectShow device
  • Fixed an issue where widget sources would fail to load due to improper handling of apostrophe characters (or any characters requiring escape sequences)
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  • And Flash is still broken with on 3.8 to all hell :(, Muxy alerts have not worked right since 3.2 well most alerts on mac still are broken since 3.2.....


    Steps to reps to reproduce make an alert in muxy , import into gameshow test alert, does not work, revert to 3.2 do not change anything else in the shot alert works just fine.....

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  • Ignore as the file type for the animations are not  supported on newer versions of gameshow as it was built on a different webkit.   Not a flash problem its a I was to tired and needed fresh eyes to look at it


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  • So Muxy just needs to update those to be compliant with newer versions of webkit.

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  • No I just had to convert them myself.  Then get muxy to add them as webm files are not directly uploadable .. I got it fixed sorry for any confusion.  it also didn't help I noticed later used the wrong media tag lol Bryce my fault.... Was looking at it far to long. 

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  • When I try open the Multi-Track Input Monitor, the window starts increasing in size and  makes the window unusable.

    Is this happening for anyone else?


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  • Whoa!

    Are you repeatedly clicking the map button again and again, or was that single click? That is crazy, have not seen that in my machines.

    If you could go ahead and use the help menu>Send Support information, and create a case, it would be very helpful. Pasting a link to this thread and saying Bryce said file this will get it where it needs to go quickly as well.

    Thanks Derek!

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  • System audio in this update isn't recording properly, it is all high pitched and distorted. Microphone and video capture is working as intended though.

    Edit: Fixed it. Headset was set to 7.1 in speaker configuration, conflicting with the Gameshow stereo setting I presume. Although previous version did not have this issue.

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  • Sorry for the slow response, I forgot to check back.

    I click once on the button and then that happens

    Bryce, I have created a case as requested.

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  • Derek Sheedy Derek Sheedy  me too and the capture in the audio has a continue chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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