Gameshow 1.3 Beta with Game Template Exporting and enhanced Text Source

Dust off your image editor, fire up your favorite game and get those creative juices flowing...

The Gameshow 1.3 Public Beta with Game Template Exporting is now available for download. Game Template Exporting makes sharing your production configurations as easy as creating them!

Exported Templates roll up all of the media assets, layout changes and game capture process settings from your document as a compressed package for easy distribution. The source code for any third-party Widget SDK sources used in your production will also be saved in the Template package.

Template artists are encouraged to submit their creations for inclusion on Template Sharing section of the Gameshow website.

This release also brings a brand new full-featured Text source, with alignment and justification, scrolling text, system font selection and the ability to read from text files in real-time! Live text file monitoring allows Gameshow to read data from external overlay apps like TwitchAlerts and IMRaising, ingest “Now Playing” data from VLC Player or Snip, or any other source which supplies text data.

We look forward to seeing all of the awesome Game Templates you come up with!

Fixes and Enhancements

  • New! Template Exporting – Create custom Gameshow templates from your own layouts. Export, import and share your template creations with the community.
  • New! New Text Widget replaces single-line text source. The new Text Widget displays and formats text entered by the user or read from a text file.
  • New! Text justification, wrapping, alignment, scrolling and “on change” transitions added to the Text Widget!
  • New! Native system fonts are now selectable from Widget Font settings.
  • New! Re-factored and renamed Twitch Chat Widget to “Chat” Widget.
  • New! Added Release Notes HTML page display on Gameshow start-up.
  • Updated FIFA 15 template to “FIFA 16”.
  • Fixed issue where the document would open on a different monitor than the Document Wizard was run on. (Mac OS X, Windows)
  • Fixed a crash when changing the text color for Widgets.
  • Fixed an issue where Screen Capture could fail to hook a game when using Game capture mode. (Windows)
  • Fixed inability to capture full-screen games on Mac OS X when the game's aspect ratio did not match that of the primary display resolution. (Mac OS X)
  • Updated Twitch server ingest list to the most recent version.
  • Fixed an issue preventing OLE scripting from working with Gameshow. (Windows)
  • Fixed a rare crash on exit after stopping a stream. (Windows)
  • Fixed a crash when opening Gameshow on laptops with NVIDIA Optimus. (Windows)
  • Initial setup wizard will now default to the last opened tab.



Windows -

Mac OS X -

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  • This still didn't fix quite a few critical issues:

    • Window Capture is still broken and will not capture while the app is in Full Screen
    • Audio Capture is still broken and will not capture while using Bluetooth headphones
    • Audio Capture fails when opening League of and the format is changed to 48000 Hz when it works/should be at 44100 Hz.
    • (Not critical—just really simple fix) The app still will not activate Full Screen when pressing the Full Screen ⌃⌘F shortcut
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  • Brian A. Calderon ,

    As I understand it Apple no longer provides an API for 3rd party developers to access the audio stream from Bluetooth devices. Adding this feature would require hacking the audio drivers in such a way that would be prone to breaking if Apple were to make changes (all undocumented of course). I won't say that it will never happen but it seems unlikely in the near future.

    We did fix the inability to capture Fullscreen games when using the Game source mode. Does that mode not work for you?

    The issue with Audio Capture failing is something I have not had a chance to look into yet but I will soon.

    Finally, we do intend to the fix the Full Screen mode shortcut issue as well.

    Thanks for the feedback.


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  • So what's happening? Audio is only outputted from the computer directly to the Bluetooth headphones? I don't get why they allow capturing of the audio while it's on internal speakers or auxiliary output, but not while using wireless headphones (since all their other stuff is wireless like the mouse and keyboard. =[ )


    Window Capture is broken. Not Game Capture.

    1. Open Gameshow and maximize it (green button/Full Screen)
    2. Go back to a virtual desktop and open a Finder window
    3. In Gameshow, add a Window Capture
    4. Note that only "Dock" is available. "Finder" is not even listed as an app and its windows obviously can't be selected; nor can Gameshow itself be captured even though other Full Screen apps can be captured


    I still don't know if it's LoL's fault for switching the audio format, but I hope you guys can at least narrow down what might be causing it. And I'm still a bit disappointed it's been 2 betas and the shortcut still is removed.


    Thanks for your response, but it's saddening to have to wait till next year for fixes on these things though. =|

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  • Brian A. Calderon 

    So are you never able to get audio from League of Legends to capture? I tested it out again just now and while I do see that League of Legends forces the default system audio device to 48KHz, the audio was capturing in Gameshow just fine. It worked for me both when starting League of Legends before Gameshow and when starting Gameshow before League of Legends.

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  • None of these are breaking changes; just things that shouldn't be ignored.


    I have the Audio MIDI Setup app open and have to change it back to 44100 Hz whenever League of opens. It starts after the black screen and once the characters pop up—I hear the audio "pop" or almost cut out for a split second.

    If I don't change it back to 44100 Hz—then the outputted audio, the stream audio that the viewers hear, sounds like a lower pitch. I'll test it with this new beta, but all the past versions always lowered the pitch when it reset the audio format.

    Edit: Just tested it now. Not sure why you're getting that, but it is still outputting a lower pitch audio and it messed with the audio format by changing it to 48000 Hz.

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