Ok... so why would the stream just stop uploading all of a sudden? My speedtest is fine, i've got green on the streaming. But the kbps is 0. It's done it 3 times.

Now I went back to a previous overlay template and it seems to be holding fine. So what the heck?

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  • Like to add in i ended up having to download OBS software and it worked just fine.

  • Perhaps that specific connection was terminated somewhere along it's travels? 

    Either that or Gameshow stopped receiving frames to encode for some reason. Certainly get back to us if it happens again. Would be good to send logs from the "Send Support Info" menu item in the help menu.

  • I am sending the report. My connection wasn't terminated from my internet. I was still connected and the green was still on the stream just that 0 kbps was on that i could see.

  • Masen

  • Aaron Palmer 

    Thank you for the post. 
    When you can, please go to Help > Send Support Information. Provide the same details, and any additional information, as you have in the forum, then choose the option to send the report. 

    A technician will review your information and try to reproduce your issue on our end. 
    You should get a response on your issue in a timely manner.

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