Thousands of Frame Drops

I wanted to post this on the forum so that others can see and share input rather than keep it to myself in an email.


I've been noticing the frame drop counter gets ridiculously high despite my brand new, top-spec computer, super fast 175/25Mbps internet, and endless searching on Reddit, attempting to contact Twitch, and other Google searches.


Here's a screenshot of an ~5 hour stream from tonight with a crazy amount of frame drops over 12,000!


What am I missing to prevent this?

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  • Brand new super fast computer really doesnt say much. you should post your specs, and your settings.  One persons super fast PC is another persons min spec machine.

  • Dan yeah! I was most focused on making sure I didn't forget to take a screenshot of the Dropped indicator.


    Here's my computer and output settings:

    I am on Xfinity, Comcast using ethernet from my computer directly into the modem. As well as I'm in Chicagoland; so I would hope that using the Ingest Server that's in Chicago would be the optimal server. Though, I have tried other servers and didn't notice much of a difference.

  • Brian A. Calderon  You gave him what he wished, yes quite a solid pc, yet he didnt reply this time lol

  • Jag snow yeah I know right, its almost like it is the holiday or something. Glad you could reply with something useful.

    Brian A. Calderon is that a quad core i7 or hexacore? Are you streaming a game that you are playing on that pc? on a different pc?  from a console? What game is it if you are streaming a game? Is your local drive a SSD? Is it the same drive the game is running from? Can we get a screenshot of your encoder presets page that you are using? using fast? very fast? etc..?


    Also as a side not that 5000Kbps is high unless you are sponsored or whatever twitch calls it. Try half that. 

  •  Dan Just as useful as your post and yeah a holiday? for 7 days? 

  • Dan I'm not quite sure what a "hexacore" iMac is. I am streaming the League and in-browser games. My iMac is the 512 GB SSD option.

    This is the encoder option I'm using:

  • ok first of 720p60 fps requires about 5500 kbps upstream without  any pixelation, same as 1080p30 fps , here is an example .. (1920 x 1080 x 60 x 0.100) / 1000 = 12441.6 kbps so for 720p 60 you would do (1280 x 720 x 60 x 0.100) / 1000 = 5500 at full bit rate, that does NOT include audio and does not include whatever you need for a mp game.... You also have to take your upload speed of 15mbps and subtract 10 - 15% for tcp overhead.  anything H264 / prores etc at 1920x1080 needs about 10mbps to 30 mbps to keep full bitrate where x264 needs about 6000-10 mbps to keep the same bitrate with 0 pixelation.   


    Also the closest injest server may not always be the best if your path to injest is saturated.   If you are getting high drop rate check to make sure one your encoder isnt droping frames do to to long to encode, if it is a net drop, make sure there isnt a problem where one of the paths or hops isnt droping ass tons of packets. 

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