USB Bandwidth

I am having issues now where GameShow opens but complains about not finding and more bandwidth for Logitech C910 web cam.  I have tried removing all other USB resources and same problem, the only way I can get GameShow to see web cam is to unplug and plug.  

Now other software has know issues with my C910.

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  • Have you tried using this window to determine what other devices are on the bus? If you can post a screenshot that would be great to.


    Are you on Windows 10? If so, in all likelihood, the issue is due to the Windows 10 Anniversary update. The removed some codecs, specifically MJPEG and H264 for Webcams. They said they committed to fixing, but as far as I know, have not done so yet. I did post a sticky around here about it that has a regedit fix.

    If not, hopefully that screenshot of the window with Show All Devices checked will show more.

  • Hey Ubiety Media Solutions ,

    Do you get this message on a document that you had previously created and saved, that had possibly contained the c910 at some point?

    Do you get the same message on a new document?


  • Here you go

    Trevor Bryant I receive this with the existing document and also with a new created document as you see above.

    Bryce Stejskal This system does have the Windows Anniversary Update 

     Thanks for your help.

  • Please check if you have Windows update KB3194496 installed. It was supposed to fix the webcam issues introduced in the anniversary update.


    My guess is it is the combination of all the devices you have on bus2 coupled with this weirdness Microsoft introduced.

    Reference this post for the registry changes to switch between the two modes.

  • Letting you know that after opening Elgato's Gamecapture software with my logitech C910,closing Gamecapture,re opening Gameshow now seems to see the webcam without USB bandwidth related issues.  I notice a very quick blue right before the webcam image is shown.


    Food for thought.

  • GameShow seems to continue to have issues working with USB webcams.  There is something about GameShow that always wants to refuse to see my webcams, if it does work it is not consistent either.  I notice a lot of com surrogates are left running in task manager.  

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