Good Bye Gameshow

Well Gameshow has been my favorite streaming software for awhile now. It saddens me to hear about it no longer being supported. It's affordability along with its UI/UX and features have made it a staple for me. However with the recent announcement of it only getting updates for awhile, I'll need to start looking other products. 

I've been looking at Wirecast for a good bit. As a hobbyist I can't justify putting that sort of investment into it at this point. 

I'm looking forward to the next year of updates as I search for replacement software. 

Thank you Telestream and Gameshow for putting out a production quality product for gamers. 

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  • Our thinking caps are on. Even though out of your price range have you given Wirecast's free trial a run? Would it otherwise suit your needs?

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  • I'm another hobbyist streamer who loves Gameshow. As a Mac streamer Gameshow doesn't make me download extra software in order to be able to capture desktop audio. So I have to find another solution in a year...and Wirecast is way out of my budget for a hobby stream. 

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  • Stephan Pennington What do you think of Wirecast feature set compared to GameShow otherwise given it doesn't have specific game features?

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  • CraigS I lot of the features seem geared towards much bigger productions that a person at home who is streaming RPGs on Twitch through Zoom and Roll20 or streaming some video games. I probably wouldn't need most of that stuff...and it is really pricey. I'm also concerned it wouldn't have the twitch related support that I'd want.

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  • Stephan Pennington We certainly hear you on that. As I said, thinking caps are on. True Wirecast is missing certain game specific features though. Sorry about that.

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  • It’s really unfortunate because gameshow was easily the best thing I ever used and it was exactly what I needed. I used Wirecast in 2013 and while i thought it was fantastic and served my purpose, gameshow was exactly what I needed. I personally wouldn’t mind going back to Wirecast but the price is bonkers for me especially when I’m also doing it as a hobby streaming games and nothing professional. I’ll consider trying out the free trial by the end of the year but it just won’t be the same especially when I have to shell out so much money again when I’m just gonna stream games. 😞

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  • AJ Our minds are working. Can't say what the conclusion of that will be though.

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