Bad Audio coming from Gameshow, iPad Pro & iMac

I am getting very bad/choppy audio coming from Gameshow. I have an ipad pro connected to an imac. Not even streaming yet, just running everything locally right now. the youtube video is a local recording of the game, you can hear the audio gets choppy during heavy parts of gameplay. Any ideas what may be causing this and how to fix?

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  • Hey Jeremy ,

    What version of the Mac OS are you using, as well as what version on the iPad? Have you attempted to change the audio settings within Gameshow to see if this makes a difference? What version of Gameshow are you using? 

  • thanks for writing back trevor. i am running OS X Yosemite (10.10). The iPad Pro is the latest version of iOS (10.1.1). I have tried to tweak some of the audio settings, with no luck. I am using Gameshow 3.4.0

  • trevor you there??

  • This software just does not work correctly. I have tried so many things to get something as simple as the audio to be working, no luck. And cannot get any sort of decent response from GameShow support. If the software does not work, moving to OBS is going to be the better choice. Does anyone know how to get a refund from GameShow?

  • How are you connecting the ipad for screen capture, you using  quicktime screen capture ?  If so that is your problem, the best solution would be to use a lightning to HDMI , honestly the quicktime screen capture does not work that well and is buggy.  Never been able to get good recordings from that.   Also moving to OBS wont fix the problem. 

  • Jeremy , apologies, Trevor is out sick.

    I am going to ask the same question as Jamie, how are you connecting the ipad to the computer?

    Some games do not work well over the usb lightning cable capture method. As Jamie mentioned, lightning to hdmi into an hdmi capture card is the best method.


    It is much like the difference between Game capture of computer games vs a capture card. Most people prefer the convenience of Game capture, but it is inherently less stable. Some games capture fine, others do not, and that can vary day to day. 


    I hope we can get this resolved for you in a satisfactory manner. 


    Trevor Bryant kat

  • Thanks Jamie and Bryce for responding. To answer your questions: I am not using quicktime capture, the ipad pro is connecting to the mac using lightning to USB. When I connect my iphone and streamed clash of clans, the audio quality was fine. Also I should note that it is just the audio that is stuttering, the video seems fine. 

  • Is there any audio settings that I should be looking at changing?

  • Lightning to USB cable is quicktime capture. 

    Capture of the ipad pro via quicktime capture has not been tested I believe. I am not aware of any audio settings that can fix this issue. May be a sample rate issue.

    I will report it as a bug, and I know we have one in our engineering department so hopefully it can be looked into in a timely manner. 

    I am curious though, can you try something for me?


    Open quicktime and try the capture in quicktime. See if the same issue occurs there. If it does, it is unlikely that we can fix it, as the problem would lie outside of our hands.

  • You could try setting the quality to high or standard in quicktime, there is no audio setting that will be changeable.  Quick time capture like Bryce said some apps will be fine others not so much.  Best best lighting to HDMI then to capture card.  Just as a test you can try the app without capturing it with gameshow a lot of the times quicktime will still have the same audio problems.  

  • testing now

  • Jeremy This happened with an iOS update where Apple began handling audio on mobile devices differently. The engineers are working on it. Hopefully one of the workarounds will work for you.

  • Jeremy Any update on this? I have the exact same problem, same choppy results. Recording through Quicktime via Lightning to USB cable works like a champ at max resolution but using GS, with default settings produces bad unplayable results. I hate to resurrect an old thread but I am interested in if you have fixed the issue.

  • Mark Stewart Yes I did. 2 things really helped. 1) I bought AirServer, which eliminated the bad audio and made smoother video as well. 2) I stopped using GameShow. Switched to OBS.

    Even with the switch to AirServer it just was not working as smoothly as it needed to. Once I figured out OBS it was an easy switch. Been streaming for a while now with no issues. Same setup.

  • Jeremy Thanks so much for the reply. I actually have Airserver as well. So far I've tried Lightning to USB direct to GS, Quicktime create movie window to GS and Airserver window to GS. All which produce laggy undesirable results. Perhaps this software does require a capture card/device but I'm just not willing to make that jump quite yet.

    I love the layout of this program and features, it's unfortunate that the built in features of recording iOS devices just do not work.

    Is anyone out there having success with iOS devices via the Lightning to USB cable? I also have OBS but have not messed around with it yet, it doesn't seem to support direct from iPhone.

    My setup:

    MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2014)

    iPhone 7 Plus

  • Well OBS does support syphon it sit can capture airserver directly without the need  capturing the air sever window Airserver on connected obs syphon input airserver = out to twitch.   Bryce Stejskal ..  As far as the Audio issues  i have never had a great or good experience getting quicktime and obs and or gameshow to play nice since quicktime does not allow for hooking into quicktime to get a pure audio video image.   

  • Mark Stewart I tried just about every which way I could think of, many of which you have already probably tried yourself, and just had no luck. Until I started capturing the airserver window and just using OBS. The OBS interface dosent look as slick as GameShow, but it works just the same and gets the job done. Once you figure out the initial stuff, its pretty easy to use. The syphon info that Jamie is talking about above sounds interesting, I havent dove deep enough into it yet to try, but thats next on my list.

  • Jeremy I am looking into getting the Blackmagic Shuttle Thunderbolt because in reality I think the issue is the Lightning to USB connection with third party software. I tried OBS last night with Quicktime Window capture as well as Airserver, just couldn't achieve the quality I wanted.

    My questions regarding aforementioned Blackmagic Shuttle Thunderbolt is over at

    I don't want to hijack that thread so I may not respond further until I know it works, they mentioned that the quality of the Shuttle USB version had audio issues, so it appears to be coming full circle here, USB + Mac with anything other than Quicktime Movie Record will produce shoddy results, the better bet seems to be the thunderbolt route.

  • Mark Stewart what streaming settings were you using in OBS? It took me a while to find just the right settings that work with my setup. Once I did, everything is crystal clear. Specifically what are your encoder settings?

  • Well after reading all the good reviews of the Magewell USB Capture HDMI the first night went well even though it's USB. I'm having good results with the Apple H264 codec but not the x264. Still not as good as the Quicktime record but it'll do. Will take some tweaking but this Magewell is great, I plan on also doing some PS4 in the future so this worked out well.


  • Magewell cards are pretty awesome.

    If you need some help with x264, post your current settings here and we can give it a look. 

    Apple H264 is generally Intel QuickSync.

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