Need Help. (It gives me a headache) Why my SETUP do not save?


1.) I dont know what i am doing wrong but, i did all my set up - GameCapture - Webcam - TwitchAlert - and some cute thing... But went i save de SETUP and close GameShow. Went i re-open it with (recent document) all my setup go in the middle and default size. (example My Webcan was in left corner now he is in the middle of the screen and re sized)


2.) Went i open GameShow... its show me the  ReleaseNotes, and every time i say 

-Don't show again 


But it alway show me the Release note anyway (GameShow cant remember (MY SAVE) and can't remenber (Don't show again).


Need Help,

Sorry for my bad english. 

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  • Weird i search on internet if someone have same probleme... but i didnt see any post from people that cant save there SHOT like me. 

    -Hope it is a new bug and not the whey its supose to be... re sizing and replacing youre shot every time.

  • I try to...

    1.) Preference remevo the key, uninstall GameShow. And re install it with the link in the email and copy paste the key. But still doesnt work


    2.) I try to save it as a template... but its worst the result is re-size and rotate and all in the middle of the screen.


    3.) I open a pre-fab SHOT (Call of duty) and modify like i want it to be... but went i save it/template went i re-open the GameShow all my stuuf is in the middle and re-sized rotate.

  • Oh my god guys don't answers me all in the same time! :D

  • I have the same issues as you.

    Without being able to fix it.......

  • It don't look like we gonna have an answer soon.

  • Try to turn off any resolution scaling if you are using a hidpi display if not , typically pressing the -> button in the middle fixes it....  At least on osx.  Sorry for the late reply I do not work for Gameshow.....

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