60 FPS Window Capture trouble (Mac)

I have it set to display 60 FPS, but no matter what computer screen setting I put it on it never is 60 FPS. Not in Preview or Live mode.


Did I do something wrong?

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  • Does it have anything to do with me not being a subscriber and using the trial version?

  • Have you had success streaming at 60 FPS in other apps like OBS / X-Split?

  • Yes.

  • Do you mean that you are dropping frames? Does the dropped frame indicator show drops?

  • No. Well, it only dropped like once. And it was only 1 frame that dropped. Maybe some kind of bug? Or am I not doing it right? I'm pretty sure I did it right, though.

  • Hello?

    Anybody there? Is there a solution of any kind?

  • Hi Donovan Lewis 

    If you look at the display above the live and preview screen, you will see an area that will tell you your fps/cpu/kbps. If you click on the FPS it will then switch to dropped frames and vice-versa. 

    One dropped frame is nothing to worry about. If you notice that the dropped frames are constantly going up, or your stream is buffering, then some settings/internet changes should be made.

  • Could you take a screenshot of what you're seeing? I'm still a bit unclear what the issue is if you're not dropping frames. Is your encoder preset set to 60FPS. Is the screen capture source set to 60, and is it set to 60 in the Performance Preferences (under File menu).
  • If  you have a few dropped frames over the course of a stream that is normal 1 dropped frame is nothing to worry about, also if your FPS counter is not reading 60 fps and you are trying to stream at 60 fps, could mean Your system is working to hard in game show to give 60 fps.  If you are streaming to twitch streaming 60 fps is almost stupid to do.  Most Partners never even stream at 60 fps. 

  • Here's a screenshot:



    Also, I'm capable of streaming 60 FPS. I'm sure of it.

  • Here's another one just in case:



  • So what do you think? Anything?

  • Donovan Lewis ,

    I am not quite sure what problem you are experiencing.

    It shows 60FPS in the screen shots as what is streaming, are you saying the capture itself is not?

    1. Are you attempting to play the game through the Preview/Live windows and noticing it is not as smooth as it is when you play it through the program?
    2. If that is the case, does your stream experience the same appearance of a lower framerate?
    3. If you put the game window, and Gameshow side by side, does toggling which window is in focus cause the game to slow down or Gameshow to come back to full speed capture?
  • 1. The windowI capture is 60 FPS, but despite the Preferences I set in Gameshow the display is not.

    2.  Yes.

    3. Toggling the window doesn't even work. It always only shows the entire screen no matter how I set it up. Still no frame rate changes. Stays at 30......somehow.


    In my personal opinion, either it is a bug, or it's because I'm using the trial version.

  • Which do you think it is?

  • The trial version is not limited in any way.

    How are you determining it is only 30FPS? 

    You are clearly encoding at 60FPS, so there are only two other places to switch the frame rate.

    1. Canvas Display rate, located in Gameshow preferences.
    2. Capture framerate for the screen capture source.

    If it is 60FPS in both those locations as well, then there is certainly a more complicated issue going on here.

    Can you play back a 60FPS video file and have it look 60FPS? This would help us identify if its the screen capture itself that is the issue. Try playing said video back in a video player as well for comparison.

  • Yes, I can But how do I show you?

  • Wonder if it is just a bug with window capture all other streaming software has issues with OSX window capture do to just how the API works.

  • You could download the trial version of ScreenFlow and capture your screen while playing the file.


  • How do I upload the file?

  • I can't upload the videos I recorded.

  • You will need to upload the video somewhere and post a link. Youtube, Google Drive, Dropbox, just somewhere we can get it from!

  • Here is what the game looks like outside of Gameshow:



    And here is what the Gameshow recording looks like:



    Basically, it's not recording/streaming 60FPS even though my computer is capable of doing so.

  • Almost looks like you have the canvas set to 30 fps and the input to encode at 60 fps.  Meaning input canvas  = 60 fps output = 30 fps.  What does it look like if you game capture not window capture?

  • Anyways figured out a way around it for you.  Tested it with Open emu at 1920x1080 9000kbps 60 fps Youtube.  Used Psp emulator,  Download and install syphon virtual screen,  and syphon inject.  Open Openemu inject it with syphon.  Open the syphon icon on your mac and enable server and whatever resolution you want.  On Gameshow just do screen capture and pick the faked display.  Not only will it only capture the video it does it in full 60 fps as syphon just copies the framebuffer of the gpu to the faked display. It  does it with pretty much 0 cpu overhead.  They use it a lot in production environments. 

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