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Completely tired with Gameshow. I have iMac 5k (late 2015) and playing WoW. I tried different settings which can give me a good picture (for 720p at least). I have no problem with playing WoW during the stream (fps is around 60): processor is busy for 30-50%; but the picture is completely shitty and stream video is lagging. There is a lack of documentation. There is lack of how to guide. There is a big problem to find any useful information about Gameshow video settings. Knowledge base is useless. But you take money for it.

I can't realise, what the problem to write step by step articles (or make video tutorials) about how to get maximum for popular PC/Mac settings (especially for Mac users).

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  • What is your system specs for the imac,  you using window capture or game capture ?  , what is your x264 encoder settings what is your upload speed, your download is worthless to streaming...    More info would be helpful, as late 2015 gives the series ,not 100 percent sure with which processor gpu etc you have in it.

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  • Jamie Freeman i5 3.2GHz; 16GB ram, AMD Radeon R9 M320, Fusion drive (mix of SSD+HDD)... I tried different settings: windows capture, game capture, monitor capture; read a lot of articles about x264 settings etc... But the picture is always blurry (looks like there is a problems with resize quality from 5k to 1080 or 720) and video on the stream is lagging. The same problems if I just record video on my HDD w/o streaming. Do I need some kind of external screen capture card which will give me a good picture may be?

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  • Naa use game capture window capture = about half capture rate (OSX related do to compositer.) ,   The image quality problem is the 5k isn't true 5k its Retina so its about half of the actual 5k display.  eg the 2k retena macbook pros were 1280x800 pixel doubled...  Turn off Display scaling on the app to run it at native display or use an external monitor that doesn't do Retna resolutions.   The other alterntive is to actually set the resoultion though the display on the mac to use an actual fixed value, that will fix the clarity problem...


    x264 settings use superfast (should be default.) , i wouldn't stream past 720p 30 2500 if ya love viewership, yeah I know that twitch upped it but they are shit with 1080p video and anything beyond 3000 kbps will kill any mobile user being able to watch.


    I use a late 2013 macbook pro as a streaming computer and typically don't have to many issues with Gameshow / Wirecast with it. 

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  • Jamie thanks, mate. Will try.

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