Flickering UI, jumbled/stuttering frames, bit rate jumping high to low extremes

Hello, posted on Twitter ( https://twitter.com/LordLynkz/status/875653032741969920 ) , you folks told me to meet you here?

This flickering problem happens on its own, no game on, on simple scenes and complex scene 
CPU I7 4790k

GPU GTX 980 sli

my only simple solution would be to install an older version of the software when everything was just fine.

Attached is a video of what game show looks like, and the link to the tweet contains live footage.

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  • reset preferences try it with sli disabled. 

  • Jamie Freeman 
    Preferences did nothing,
    Disabling SLI stopped the flickering of the UI 
    Streams bit rate was still erratic, tried lowering the encoding on both x264 and Nvenc bit rates 2500 and 3500
    Streams Framerate was still glitchy and jumping 

    would like to not have to disable SLI, I didn't have these issues last time i used the program (February) 

  • I am getting the exact same flickering issue.  And if I turn off SLI it stops flickering.

  • Anthony Claudio yeah, i turned off sli, stopped the interface from flickering, still stuttered , mind you i did not have this issue before .

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