Gameshow 2.4 Beta - Road to Performance, Bug Fixes Galore!

Hey everyone! We have been focusing on bugs and performance lately, rather than adding new features. 

This release is focused more on bugs, and as you can see below, we have been going to town! Let us know what you think!

  • New! Sub-Menu & Sort | Capture Cards & System Devices into one category

  • Transitions Listed Alphabetically

  • Fixed - Output Menu Item - Twitch Dashboard Link

  • Fixed - Output Menu Item - Twitch Active Broadcast menu item

  • Fixed -  [Hotkey Manager] Don't allow the user to make two hotkeys with the same name

  • Fixed - "Audio Inspector" and "Camera Preview" windows are endless and get closed when re-sizing them

  • Fixed - "Movement menu item" pops up when right clicking on "Clear Layer" shots

  • Fixed - "Panning Slider" is not balancing the sound

  • Fixed - Adding a blackmagic device causing hang and memory leak

  • Fixed - Adding a camera source for the first time initializes incorrectly

  • Fixed - Audio and video go out of sync when changing output devices in "Audio Mixer"

  • Fixed - Audio Mixer loses its persisted location when shown after a document is opened.

  • Fixed - AVerMedia Live Gamer HD C985 no longer working in GS+WC

  • Fixed - Change default solid color to be a solid color rather than transparent

  • Fixed - Crash while capturing with Mac Screen Capture

  • Fixed - Graphical issues after fix for Audio Mixer Draw Speed

  • Fixed - meter peak lines are sometimes below the actual meter values

  • Fixed - Minimized Audio Mixer window is not restored when selecting "Audio Mixer" from the Window menu. (Win. only)

  • Fixed - Missing "Replay Shot Template" selection menu in Gameshow replay settings

  • Fixed - NVENC H.264 encoder throwing exception in Gameshow 2.3

  • Fixed - Preview/Live Window no longer re-sizes

  • Fixed - Re-sizing "Audio Mixer" when "Master mute" is disabled in the main Wirecast window screws up the graphics of "Live Sources" in "Audio Mixer"

  • Fixed - Stream may be unable to start if the live source is a complex still image.

  • Fixed - Twitter logo isn't saved when opening a saved document

  • Fixed - Unable to interact with Wirecast when the "Audio Inspector" or "Camera Preview" is minimized

  • Fixed - Unable to re-size "Audio Mixer" after it was maximized and closed

  • Fixed - Unable to re-trigger transitions.

  • Fixed - Unhandled exception when opening the shot editor

  • Fixed - Welcome screen appears below Audio Mixer when launching the app. (Mac only)

  • Fixed -Scrollbar cuts the edges of the "Channel" drop-down menu


Stay tuned for 2.5 beta in about 3 more weeks. Guaranteed to impress!

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Mac OS X –

Release Notes

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  • Thank you for a changelog that details the bugs fixed!!! Instead of "bug fixes and improvements." 😁😁😁

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  • Sweet maybe you guys can start giving the people who actually trust you with money access to nightly builds, instead of just joe the streamer who has VIP access? Not sure why that is a feature only VIP people get. Would love you guys to explain that.

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  • Brian A. Calderon , we always include the bugs we fixed in the release notes at the bottom of the post, but the post content itself we usually save for new features and bigger changes. I see no reason why I cannot post the whole change log to the post though, so I will do that from now on! 

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  • Dan ,

    That's an idea for sure. I think it would be cool, but at the same time see that it would really complicate things.

    I personally am a fan of being on the bleeding edge, and have always opted for nightly builds when I am downloading software.

    That being said, this is a software that we offer support for, and we can't offer support for builds that have yet to be released from QA aside from the Betas. In some cases support may suggest moving to a beta as it is known to fix the issue a user may be having, but that generally isn't suggested as the betas do not go through our testing plans prior to release.

    Things get broken and could jeopardize the users stream that we have yet to identify in the nightly builds. Some things we know are broken but will be fixed before the beta release. If we have users on those builds, they will be reporting issues with them, which complicates bug tracking on our end, and would generally make the whole process more volatile.

    Our insiders we vet thoroughly. Insiders are usually more prominent streamers that report feedback with all the details, as opposed to "My stream looks bad, help". We also have been known to give a nightly build here and there to 3rd party developers that are interested in developing a widget or some sort of other integration.

    Hope this helps, and if you think you should have insider access, apply with your reasoning why! We have some suggested criteria to be met, but they are not hard fast rules. Someone who reports bugs regularly, in exceptionally detailed and methodical ways, would be a potential candidate even if they do not meet the suggested criteria.

    If you have some more feedback, please do let me know. Maybe you have an idea how to prevent our concerns from being issues!

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  • @Bryce so long as it's not "bug fixes and improvements" a few details is always better!
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