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So i'm new to all this and just moved from OBS to gameshow as it looks really good, now I'm used to PTT, I always use, my house is fair too noisy to use open mic (no noisegate thingy can't stand it) so I need a program that I can use as a push to talk (seeing as it's not built in for some odd reason)

Now I mean a HOLD BUTTON to talk, not a mic unmute/mute button , so if anyone can recommend a program that dose this and works with gameshow, please tell me, with steps on how to.

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  • Our development team is working to add this feature to a future release. 

    Thank you for your input, as we value feedback from our customers!

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  • I would also like to see this feature, can't wait.

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  • So, I am really new to Gameshow. However, I was able to find a "workaround". When doing a bunch of searches, digging, etc. I discovered it was extremely difficult to find information how to use this program. I got extremely lucky and just happen to run across this setting...


    For your microphone source, add "Dynamics" FX to it. In the settings there are three "Gate" adjustments. The first, Thr., is the threshold in which your microphone will "activate". Everything below that threshold Gameshow will ignore. The second "Att", I honestly have no idea what that does, nothing very obvious for the microphone at least. The third "Rel", is how long it will keep that source, in your case the microphone, active after the sound levels have dropped below that threshold.


    I would still try many of these settings, even if you may hate noisegate? I think that's what you meant? There are a ton of settings in this FX that are far more advanced than Teamspeak's crap system for a noisegate. You may be able to find a way to dial it in, as streaming with a push to talk would make it very difficult to have an engaging conversation/stream with one hand effectively tied behind your back.

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