RED-ORANGE Stream button.

After streaming for a few weeks without problems suddenly one day after 30 min of stream the stream stopped and I got the stream button with a red circle and in red. Does anyone knows what is going on?
Things that I have tried: I disconnected gameshow from twitch and connected again, I tried streaming with other games, other gameshow servers, other stream settings, restarted gameshow-games-computer, I did a speed test and its ok.
Any help will be much appreciated .

And btw , does anyone known how to get you serial number for the paid gameshow version? XD 

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  • I keep getting this too. My internet connection is fine, I've uninstalled and reinstalled everything and did everything you did. There are so many problems I keep finding with this program that it's keeping me from buying the full version of it because of all the problems.

  • Does anyone have a solution for this?

  • AccioJennifer said:
    My internet connection is fine

     It cannot be.

    The only time you will see that icon a different color than green when activated, is if your upload speed available to Gameshow is insufficient to deliver the data you are generating.


    This can mean a few different things:


    • Your bitrate target is set to close to your average upload speed. You should probably lower it, but doing so will lower the quality of your stream.
    • If you are on the free version, without a watermark showing, then your bitrate is set to 1250Kbps or lower. If your having issues with this, you need to determine if your ISP is actually providing you what you are paying for(dont use , use ). What are you paying for? If your only supposed to be getting 3Mbps up, you should consider paying for a higher level of service. Otherwise, you will have to reduce stream quality even further.
    • Please provide a screenshot of your results.


    • Its possible you have more than enough upload bandwidth available, but the pathway to the ingestion server is saturated. You can try a different ingestion server, and see if it gets better, the closest one geographically is usually the best choice, but not always.
    • You may have a firewall that is blocking traffic. You should look into this.
    • Something else on your network or PC may be using a portion of the upload bandwidth at the same, slowing your ability to deliver packets to the ingestion server.


    TL;DR It is most likely your ISP. Users come here fairly often, claiming their internet is perfect and fine, and we spend a great deal of time troubleshooting their issue, only to find out that the customer's idea of fine is less than 5Mbps upload when they are trying to stream at 3.5Mbps. This is not acceptable. Operating on the brink of insufficiency is not conducive to a quality stream. You will drop frames, drop the stream, etc with every minor network fluctuation if you operate with such little headroom.


    Once you rule out ISP issues, we can look into seeing if there is an actual issue with Gameshow.

    Also, the next release will "band-aid" this somewhat, by narrowing the fluctuations of bitrate, but it just makes the issue less apparent. The underlying issue will still be that the available upload speed is not enough to provide a stable stream.

  • My internet speed is way above 5mbps. I don't have an ISP issue especially since we literally just had a check-up on our internet by our provider who have OK'ed it and we have the highest internet speed package purchased. Pointing fingers at a potential customer who has already taken the steps to ensure that this isn't a problem is giving me a red flag that I need to take my business elsewhere. Have a nice day.

  • AccioJennifer

    I apologize if that came across as "Pointing fingers at a potential customer". That was not my intent, and I believe there is a simple miscommunication here.

    I do not know what your ISP upload rate is. You have not provided it. I indicated an appropriate speedtest solution that provides accurate data, as opposed to , which is widely known to be innaccurate for many reasons.

    Please note, that I did provide scenarios for multiple problem sources, not just your Internet speed. I then provided the common solution to these types of requests.


    Also, your ISP coming out and giving it the OK, does not at all rule out the potential issues I have brought up as potential solutions and troubleshooting process to your issue. They do not test for saturation, they test line quality via decible levels, among a few other tests. They will re-program your modem if applicable, and run a basic speed test.

     I am well versed in this, partly because I personally experienced the same situation. On five occasions, my ISP came out to tell me my lines were fine, despite packets not making it to their intended destination. They were no help. The issues were obvious, and I am well versed in this technology. They said everything was fine, yet despite my 150Mbits down and 10Mbit up, my upload speeds and download speeds fluctuated wildly.

    Crafting my own router utilizing pfSense, I was able to accurately log and graph that packets were being dropped, or were very late, and the times of day these occurred. I was even able to acertain the exact hop where the issue was occuring.

    Upon providing these to my ISP, they admitted that they were aware, and have been aware, that they have upstream saturation issues in the area due to low QUAM and lack of channel bonding. So they admitted that their own "OK" does not cover the issues you are experiencing.

    If I had just taken them at their word, I would still likely have the same issues you are experiencing.


    To summarize, I was in no way trying to "point fingers". It is important to work through the troubleshooting process accurately in order to define the root cause. Your available upload speed will be in constant fluctuation regardless of what any traditional ISP says. How much that fluctuates on your ISP in your location is the important question here, and can be drasticlly different than another customer two blocks away. Unless they have provided you with saturation and packet delivery logs over time from your house, then they did not provide you an answer that removes your ISP from the troubleshooting process.


    If it is not your ISP, and you are certain, then it should be a simple fix on your end. It would be a program or another machine on your network interfering with packet delivery. Could be a firewall, or another program or machine hogging the upload bandwidth. Review of firewall rules, and implementing system side and router side QOS rules would solve. The only other possibility, which I mentioned, is the ingestion server being saturated or the path to it degraded. You can't fix that, only the CDN and ISP backbones can. You can try choosing another one and hope it helps for process of elimination.

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